There seems to be many “GoFundMe” projects floating around the internet. This seems like a great way for generous people to help those in need. I am encouraged to see so much generosity for so many in need.

As encouraging as it is, I am also shocked at the cost of doing business. Perhaps I should climb out from under my rock and get into the real world, but, if I understand things correctly, the “GoFundMe” people take about 8% of the money they collect. It is the cost of business, and for some, it is the new way of donating. We even have a project at Silver Birch Ranch for which we are using “GoFundMe.”

Whenever you pay or donate with a credit card or through something like “GoFundMe,” you are giving a percentage of the dollar amount to the “service provider.” Once again, we understand that, and accept that as a part of doing “business.”

I would like to remind our supporters and guests that there is still another way of donating and paying for services at non-profits like Silver Birch Ranch. You can still write a check, give cash or, if your financial institution allows it without fees, you can arrange direct deposit.

The idea of “GoFundMe” is wonderful in that it allows social media to get the word out about specific projects that need funding to those who might be interested in providing those funds.

I encourage those who have a heart for the ministry of Silver Birch Ranch, Nicolet Bible Institute, Canadian Adventure Camp, and the Wolf River Refuge to select a project and help us obtain the funds to complete the project. If you are interested or feel led to support, we have a couple of options available.

To give via check, please mail it to the following address.

Silver Birch Ranch
N6120 Sawyer Lake Road
White Lake, WI 54491

If you wish to give via credit card through PayPal, click the "donate" button.

To give to the Save The Beach project, you can go to the knowing some of your gift will go to the service provider, or you can click on the Donate button above to use your credit card, or you can mail a check to the address shown above.

The following projects are awaiting funding.

Completion of the Chapel: $200,000 (Plus $35,000 for A/V Costs)
Skid Steer Repair: $15,000
New Farm Equipment: $6,000
New Basketball Court: $25,000 (Outdoor)
Save the Beach: $30,000 (#SaveTheBeach - Approximately $10,000 Donated Thus Far)
Replace Tent Cabins: $150,000 each (3 buildings to be used as NBI dorms as well)
Wolf River Refuge Mortgage: $200,000
Wolf River Refuge Lodge: $150,000
Tennis Court Replacement: $30,000

Silver Birch Ranch continues to serve young people and families, and continually depends upon God to supply our needs to help those who cannot afford a Christian camping experience. There are many who have given to our “Financial Aid Fund” through the years that has enabled many to come, participate, and hear the Gospel message.

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to knowing Christ and making Him known. We are dedicated to our mission, and if the mission begins to be compromised because of business concerns, we cease to be what we claim to be, and focus on just existing instead of being significant in the Kingdom work of which we have been challenged to be a part.

Many non-profits have struggled through the years and many business leaders have infiltrated their boards to make them more like secular, for-profit businesses. In this the non-profit loses its distinction, and the very chance they have to demonstrate the faithfulness of God through the generosity of God’s people.

Silver Birch Ranch is a miracle. We were started with the dream of a Chicagoland pastor on a borrowed down payment in 1968, and continue to serve our nation’s children and families with no full-time public relations or fund-raising personnel. We have and continue to trust in God to lay the burden of our needs on His people and for them to fund His work.

For those who have not seen what God has done here at Silver Birch Ranch, I invite you to come and visit and see firsthand His provision. For those who have yet to join our team, I invite you to check us out at and set up a time to come and see and hear the story of God’s faithfulness.

In order for us to continue to reach out to our nation with real solutions, we will need to see God provide in ways of which we have never thought. For those who have taken on the burden of helping us fund this work, we thank you while we praise God. Those who have taken ownership have allowed us who work here the opportunity to focus on our work instead of our resources, and we are thankful for such freedom and opportunity.

Non-profits are not owned by an individual, and Silver Birch Ranch is not owned by any individual or family. This is God’s place and we invite you, if you are one of His children, to continue to look for ways that our Father could use the resources with which He has entrusted you to build and strengthen His family here at Silver Birch Ranch.