Camp Activities

One of the most important things that we do at Silver Birch Ranch is provide a safe environment for all of our guests and staff. At times there are questions about the activities that we offer at SBR, so we thought we would tell you a little about them. All of our guests are oriented by one of our well-trained staff members before they enjoy the activities at SBR.

Horseback riding: While at SBR you or your child may choose to go horseback riding. Our horse program is run by well -trained wranglers. All of our riders are required to wear helmets and long pants. Each person will ride his/her own horse. Our horses are proven to be safe. The challenge we have is that horses can be unpredictable at times. We work very hard to make sure every ride is a safe one.

Water Tubing/Skiing/Wakeboarding: If you or your child chooses to go tubing or skiing, you will be pulled by one of our ski boats. Our boat drivers are trained and skilled. You will always wear a life jacket. Speeds may go up to 30 mph. A person may fall off the skis or tube or wakeboard. The boat then circles and will pick you up.

Boating: All of our guests must wear a life jacket. People have been known to fall into the water from their boat.

: Swimming is allowed at our beach, and, at special times, across our lake. Our camp’s policy is that swimmers must have a lifeguard on duty. We provide well-trained lifeguards. We also have a slide, diving board, and “iceberg” which people enjoy.

Zip-line: The zip-line is the newest activity at camp.  The zip-line consists of 3 lines.  2 lines run from the top of the climbing wall to a tree-top canopy and the third runs form the canopy to the base of the climbing wall. Campers connect onto these 500ft long cables and zip 45 feet above the ground.

Climbing Wall: Our Climbing Wall is supervised by well-trained staff. People can climb to 35 feet above the ground. Climbers have ropes attached and a person belaying them to assure their safe return to the ground.

Leap of Faith:
Many of our guests love to jump from a 25 foot high wall in our Climbing Wall. The person is secured by two ropes which are attached to our well-trained staff.

Riflery: Our BB gun range is great fun for many. Guests can shoot at an assortment of targets.

Archery: Guests love to try to put their arrows through the center of our targets.

Hayrides: Our hayrides are for young and old. We pull our wagon with a tractor or horses.

Rafting: Living close to the Wolf River is great for us at SBR. We take groups tubing and rafting there. Guests will experience whitewater and lots of rocks. Whitewater can be unpredictable. Our staff, trained in swift water rescue, make sure that the adventure is as safe as possible.

Group Games: Summer camp is synonymous with group games. Our games are designed to be safe. At times people collide with our giant earth ball or other guests. Our staff works hard to ensure that the games are fun and safe.

Low Ropes: We love to help groups grow together. One of our favorite tools is low ropes. You or your child will swing from a rope or walk across a beam or help your other team members stay on a small platform working together to accomplish a goal. All of these activities are done under the watchful eye and hands of our well-trained staff.

Disc Golf: Enjoy a 9 hole game of disc golf spanning the grounds of SBR. 

Court Based Games: We've got vollyball, basketball, tennis, tetherball, Gaga ball, and 4 square

Table Games: We've got Ping Pong, Foosball, Box Hockey, and Carpetball

Paintball: Our paintball course was designed for small sized, fast-paced games of paintball.  Capture the flag, defender, and last one standing are camp favorites. We provide all gear necessary to play (mask, gun, co2, and paint.) *There is a small fee for this activity.